About Eighth Hurdle



We are a diverse group of experienced professionals with foundations in many different backgrounds including marketing, engineering, diplomacy, law and education. We have unparalleled relationships with a broad range of gatekeepers: editors, analysts, journalists, bloggers, investors and other influencers.  Our clients appear in international, national, regional and trade media — both traditional and digital — every week.


We are storytellers.  We’ve created positioning statements and sculpted brand identities for start-ups, small businesses and a number of not-for-profit organizations around the world. We’ve written Web sites, press releases, white papers, newsletters and content for sustained and engaged social media campaigns. We’ve also written for Generals, Secretaries of State, Senators, CEOs, professional athletes, well-known musicians and celebrities. In each case, we have worked studiously and passionately with our clients to attain the right voice, preserve the right image, induce the desired action and, above all, communicate with effective clarity and purpose.


We love unlocking, capturing and communicating the essence of a brand.  And while an image can swiftly grab attention, words drive engagement.  We are fascinated by the connotations of words and images and how the undertones of sentences, paragraphs and visuals effect the message sought to be communicated.   Our love for language is not reverential, but respectful.  Words and pictures can incite violence and forgiveness.  They can rouse very negative or positive reactions and create personas from witty to somber, playful to subdued or roguish to humble.  We believe that words are the most powerful tools of business.  The wrong words may not lead to failure, but the right words can certainly build, and build upon, success.


We have offices in Washington, DC and New York City, but our writers and creatives are spread across the globe.  We relish flexibility and are happy to meet your needs wherever you may be.


We will come to you or video chat or simply pick up the phone.  In order to get to know you, and identify your written personality and voice, we will ask hundreds of questions and perhaps – budget willing and as the assignment may dictate – shadow you or observe your office for a day or two.  And then we write.