The Backstory on our Name

There are ten hurdles in the 400 Meter Hurdles event.  Each is a unique experience for the athlete.  But the Eighth Hurdle presents an inimitable challenge.  The stagger has been made up and the athlete now knows exactly where he or she stands in the race.  And in that split second, questions abound.  Should I make my move?  Should I accelerate and win?  Should I hold back and wait for the Semi-Finals or Finals?  Should I let it ride?


Brands, companies and campaigns constantly face similar decision-making hurdles.  Should we invest in this category?  Should we deploy new resources?  Should we accelerate and win?  Should we let it ride?  Wait another week?


Having jumped over several thousand Eighth Hurdles, we know how to clear a lane of over-sized business problems, issues and challenges.  We will help you clear your hurdles and win your race.